Amazon Cloud Workforce Slashed

Amazon cuts hundreds of jobs in cloud business

Amazon has recently made the decision to cut hundreds of jobs in its cloud business division. The layoffs are said to be part of a reorganization effort to streamline operations and cut costs.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the job cuts are primarily in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) division, which has been facing increased competition in the cloud computing market. The layoffs come as Amazon looks to refocus its efforts on core areas of its business that are experiencing faster growth.

Amazon has not publicly disclosed the number of jobs affected by the layoffs, but reports indicate that it could be in the hundreds. The company is said to be offering severance packages and assistance to affected employees.

Despite the job cuts, Amazon remains a dominant force in the cloud computing industry, with AWS continuing to be a key revenue driver for the company. The layoffs are seen as a strategic move to ensure that Amazon remains competitive and agile in a rapidly changing market.